FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Our booking system is a simplified process. You can place a booking request online on our website/Whatsapp or you can call our customer care number 9953044458. Our team after verification finds the nearest truck for you.

Once our system receives your booking, you will be notified of the approximate distance that your goods will travel, and accordingly your bill amount will be calculated. With our fare calculator, we instantaneously give you the best rate online.

You will receive  invoice on your registered e-mail and WhatsApp  once the consignment has been delivery.

You can change the vehicle type after it has reached its pick-up destination at an extra cost. You will be charged a cancellation fee as per the company terms and conditions

All services confirmed through us include only transportation of goods. If any  packing assistance is needed, we will give assistance in arranging as per requirement at extra cost. We do not guarantee packing and labour services time. 

Currently, you are required to raise a cancellation request   number available on our website. Cancellation will then be approved as per the terms and conditions. A cancellation fee would also be applicable if our Truck has reached client pickup location

 yes , we are accepting bookings at the least an hour prior to your desired pick-up time. 

If the truck has reached client location and there is delay in loading per day waiting charges range from1500 to 6000 depending on vehicle type , if the vehicle is not loaded and returned empty customer is liable to pay driver fuel charges and waiting charges.

Warehousing is the process of storing goods which are to be distributed later. A warehouse is defined as any place which is used in the accumulation of goods.t

Yes. Because transportation is not a fixed cost, coordinating a transport logistics platform where planners and managers have increased visibility and transparency into the constantly shifting variables is key to reducing overall transportation costs and optimizing

Without doubt. The value of a transport logistics solution in enhancing customer satisfaction and service cannot be overstated. While the value proposition internally for manufacturing companies should now be quite apparent, the value externally or in a customer-facing avenue should be easily visible from the start.

Dependent on service. Drivers can at times help unload at the customer’s request.